Considering Therapy?

Does it seem like you are often on edge, irritable, angry, or anxious? Do people complain that you are isolated, a workaholic, drink too much, are shut down emotionally? Is it difficult to get motivated to do anything? Perhaps you are haunted by a horrific incident that happened to you or are struggling with a significant loss. Often the people we care about the most take the brunt of our anger, irritability, and anxiety. This can lead to strained or conflicted relationships with a spouse, other family members, co-workers, or friends, resulting in a severe negative impact on relationships and career.

The impact of trauma, stress and loss are treatable. I specialize in working with individuals and couples struggling with anxiety, anger, stress and trauma. I use various treatment methods to help my clients manage the impact these issues have on their lives.  I worked at the Veterans Administration for over 11 years counseling war zone veterans, and military sexual trauma survivors. I bring to my private practice years of experience working with clients whose lives have been deeply impacted by trauma, anger, anxiety, stress and loss.